President's Message

In the year 2013, CRESCENT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, President Shamshuddin Yousuf Saheb laid out an Education Institution for an economy that is built to last. The President’s plan affirms that the strength of the CRESCENT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is inextricably linked to the strength of for Minority Educational Institutions under the constitution of India. Particularly in times of economic challenge, Indian employers need a workforce that is skilled, adaptable, creative, and equipped for success in the global marketplace. And our students need a more rigorous, better tailored education to acquire the skills they need to compete, to follow a clear pathway into the middle class and to continue to prosper.

We have carefully trekked up the valley of challenges and consistently striving for better and best. We have place a slot in the field of education.

I hope to witness the school and its members reach the peak of their success, thus creating a bright future generation.