In the year 2013, CRESCENT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, President Shamshuddin Yousuf Saheb laid out an Education Institution for an economy that is built to last. The President’s plan affirms that the strength of the CRESCENT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is inextricably linked to the strength of for Minority Educational Institutions

To educate our way to a better economy, educators, public officials, and policymakers must ensure that every student in our country graduates from high school prepared for college and a successful career. Yet that is not enough. If India will have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by the end of the decade, every Indian should have access to at least one year of higher education training at an affordable cost. A world-class education system that provides high-quality job-training opportunities will reduce skills shortages, spur business growth, encourage new investment and hiring, spark innovation, and promote continued economic growth. These educational goals are central to rebuilding our economy and securing a brighter future for our nation, our career and CRESCENT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (CIS) education system plays a critical part in accomplishing them.

Our Aims

  • Learn through play.
  • Over all personality development of a child.
  • Solid Foundation for primary school.
  • Early learning experience in Mathematics, Science and Arabic Language